Basil and his sister

dinoOnce upon a time there lived a dino.. His name was [Basil], and he lived near a lake. He liked climbing trees, but he couldn’t climb trees. One day his mother was going to the hospital. Basil was very sad and he wanted his mother to be near the lake. His mother told that he was going to have a sister. Basil was happy and he let go his mother. In the hospital his mother was having a baby sister. The doctor said she can go to home. Basil found his mother on the way home. His mother showed him his sister. Basil was very happy that his mother had told the truth. His mother was looking after Basil’s sister every day feeding her the good food. Basil wanted to help too. But his mother did not let him do that. basil cried and cried and wanted to help his mother. The baby was now 5 years. Basil was now veeery happy his mother was also happy. One day Basil’s sister became a ninja. Tyrannosauruses always came to Basil’s house. So his sister fought against the king in the night and needed no help because she had learned karate. The  king was always losing in the fight. Basil was happy that his sister had become a ninja. Even his mother was happy. And they all lived happily ever after.


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