The Mouse and The Bird

Once upon a time there lived a mouse and his wife. Near their house,there lived a family of sparrows.The sparrow’s wife made delicious meals. So one day the mice planned to kill the sparrows. But’ the sparrows dint know that the mice were planning to kill them!. The mouse’s wife had an idea to kill those sparrows. She told her husband to bring mud and stones then her husband brought every things his wife said.His wife¬† said vvvverrrrryyyy gooooood. Then the mice called the sparrow family for lunch. The Sparrow family were very happy about the invitation. Then they came for lunch.The sparrows saw that the food is only mud and stones.The wife said that those rats have been planning to kill the sparrow family.SO they dig a hole under the ground.Then they put the mud and stones into the hole. Then the mice came back to the dining-room. they saw that the sparrows had eaten up but yet not died. they were so shocked that they nearly fell down. The sparrows laughed and laughed until they fell down and they wanted to teach the mice, a lesson.

So, the next day the sparrows searched for yellow glue. Guess were did they find? cheddar cheese chunks! You guessed it. They found it in a Glue shop. They flew down to the shop, bought the glue, and returned home. The next day they called the rats and they came eagerly to the sparrows home.Then the one sparrow gives them glue. The mice thought it was Cheese. And they ate it. When they eat the glue, their mouth became very tight. Then they realized their mistake.Then they go to home but they cannot open their mouth now. [the end]


Oh! So Noise!!

monkeysnakeHu Hu Ha Ha laughed the monkey,

Seeing the Jogger fall down…

Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh…. growled the Lion,

He had missed his prey…

Cocorockoooo…. Cried the Rooster,

He doesn’t want to wake up so early…

Meow Meow Sobbed the cat,

She had spilled her milk…

Moo Moo sang the Bull

He wanted to go home..

Oh! So Noise, they all make!!

Said the Snake and he went back to sleep…

Hiss.. Hiss… Hisssssssssssssss…………….